Get ready for the big splash!

With our Bambo Nature Swim Pants it’s easy to make fun memories and big waves at the beach or at the pool.

Just keep on swimming - it's good for your baby!

Most babies and kids absolutely love splashing around and playing in water; after all, they spend the first 9 months of their lives floating around in water! And as a parent, there’s nothing better than spending some fun quality time with your baby in their right element.

Besides all the fun splishing and splashing, swimming has lots of great benefits for your baby’s body – it strengthens their heart, lungs, and muscles, and activities like chasing and playing with toys in the water help strengthen their fine motor skills! And of course, being able to swim and move about in water is an important skill that they can use their entire life.

  • Perfect for pool or beach

    Our swim diapers are specially designed for use in water and don’t absorb and swell like normal diapers. The double leak barriers help contain your baby’s number two’s, so you can keep the pool safe and your baby happy.

  • Secure, flexible fit

    With our 360° elastic waistband, your baby will have a super secure and comfy fit for playtime in the water! The swim pants are designed to move and wiggle with your baby, without compromising on security and fit.

  • Easy-tear sides

    With our hassle-free, easy-tear sides, changing the swim diaper is a breeze! No need to struggle with pulling a heavy, wet diaper down on a wet and fuzzy baby – just tear the sides of the diaper, roll it up, and you’re done!

  • Totally Chlorine Free Fluff

    Sometimes, we also love to talk about all the stuff you WON’T find in our diapers; like parabens, perfume, preservatives, lotions, and any chemicals that might be harmful to your baby or the environment. Naturally, this also goes for our swim diapers.

Certified Protection

Here at Bambo Nature, we work with the strictest certification agencies in the world to offer you and your child the very best baby products. Our swim pants are dermatologically tested, eco-labeled, and hold some of the world’s most trustworthy certifications, such as Asthma Allergy Nordic, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, and the FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council). Read more here.