Week 41

Week 41

While it’s probably very uncomfortable, it’s completely normal to go past your due date and into week 41, especially if it’s your first child, so there’s no reason to worry about the welfare of your baby. Try to relax and avoid stress – you never know when it might be go-time!

Due any day now

Well, there it is. Your due date has come and gone. And there’s still no baby. You were supposed to have your baby in your arms by now, and instead, every day feels like a hundred years, while you wait for your baby to finally get a move on (and move up from your bladder). ”How is this fair?”, you will probably ask yourself, as you struggle to get up from the sofa. Well, struggle to do anything, really.

While it might not seem very fair, it’s actually very common for pregnancies to go into week 41, especially if it’s your first baby. Your original due date could also have been a little off to begin with, so there’s no need to worry about the welfare of your baby.

Your doctor or midwife will probably introduce the possibility of inducing your labor – especially if you reach the end of week 41 – but your body can still go into labor on its own. Most healthcare providers won’t let you go more than 2 weeks past your due date because of the risk of complications but going into week 41 is still considered normal and without risk.

That said, pay attention to your baby’s movements and kicks; your baby should stay active right up until delivery, so if you notice any change or decrease in movement, contact your doctor or midwife for a check.

You can do this!

We know you’re probably insanely uncomfortable right about now; after all, you have a baby the size and weight of a well-grown watermelon in your belly!

So, what can you do, while you wait for your labor to start?

The best thing to do is try to relax (we know that’s easier said than done!), since stress is no good for you or the baby. Try to exercise a bit to keep your body strong and mobile – even a short walk (or waddle, if you will) is good for your hips, pelvis, and core. It can also be nice to bounce or do exercises on a fitness ball – many exercises can help hip flexibility, increase blood flow to your pelvic area and help position your baby for birth.

But only do as much as you feel comfortable with! Don’t strain yourself or use all your energy before birth; you never know when it might be go-time!

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