Week 30

Week 30

Did you know that your unborn baby can get hiccups? They can feel like small flutters in your stomach. If you’re expecting twins, birth is probably closer than you think; most twins are born prematurely or in week 37, at the latest.

Baby’s got hiccups

By week 30 of your pregnancy, your baby will keep their eyes open when they’re awake and close them when they sleep. When your baby is practicing their breathing exercises, they can sometimes get hiccups! This can feel like small twitches or flutters, and you will probably feel more of it during the coming weeks.

By the end of week 30 of your pregnancy, your baby measures approximately 39 centimeters from head to toe and weighs about 1750 grams.

Double the fun

If you’re expecting more than one baby, statistically, the birth is getting very close. Around 50% of women expecting twins will give birth before the end of week 37, and the rest will soon follow; it’s common to induce labor with twin births to minimize the risk of complications, so twin mothers will rarely carry all the way to term.

You might be worrying about life after birth with not only one, but two newborns, and we completely understand you. The best advice we can give you and your partner is to consider yourselves a team and try not to let frustration and lack of sleep get to you; you work better together. Also, if you have other family members or friends nearby, who offer to help sometimes, our advice is to take them up on the offer – an extra set of hands or two can make the difference if you’re having an off day.


How do you bathe a newborn?

You don’t need to bathe a newborn baby every day; during the first month it can be enough to just wash any areas that need cleaning with a moist cotton cloth or wet wipes. But, if your baby really loves baths, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t! (Psst. Baby bath time is a great opportunity for mom to wash as well.)

There’s no need to use baby products until your baby is one month old; their skin is still acclimating to life outside of the womb. However, when they get older, use gentle products without perfume, like our Bambo Nature Hair & Body Wash. You can also use bath oil, either in the bath or to treat cradle cap and to give your baby a nice massage after the bath.

To bathe a small baby, you need a baby bathtub or another kind of tub in the right size. Make sure the water is not too hot by sticking your elbow in to test the temperature. Before you put your baby in the bathtub, clean their face and bottom to keep the bathwater clean. Once your baby is in the bath, make sure to always support their head. Never leave them alone in the bathtub!

Once bath time is over, dry them thoroughly all over – really get into all those creases and rolls!

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