Week 20

Week 20

Congratulations, you’re halfway through your pregnancy! It’s an exciting time with lots of developments for your baby and, if you haven’t felt them yet, probably the first small kicks.

Unique growing patterns

Your baby is growing and growing, and the brain is developing fast. The baby needs millions of nerve cells to control and mature all those motor skills. The baby can now test its reflexes, suck its thumb and swallow. Until now, your baby has followed the standard growth measurements, but from now on, your baby will be on a more individual journey in length and weight.

This week, your baby measures around 24 centimeters from head to toe and weighs 350 grams.

Congratulations – you’re halfway there!

Yes, you read that right! You’re now halfway through your pregnancy here at week 20. Don’t be surprised if you’re tired; your body has already gone through massive changes to support the life growing inside you. By now, your body’s blood volume has increased by 40-50% to transport all the nutrients and oxygen needed for both you and your baby. Remember to take your iron tablets to stay on top of dizziness and fatigue.

Also, remember to take the time every day to relax; put your feet up and rest your back. Your body is working overtime to provide for both you and the baby.

First kicks

If you haven’t felt the first kick clearly yet here in week 20 of your pregnancy, you will soon. At first, it can be difficult to determine for sure if what you felt was a kick – it can feel like a tickling sensation or like butterflies in your stomach. When you walk and move around, the rocking movements usually cause the baby to fall asleep, so don’t be surprised if you hardly feel any movement during the day. But in the evening and during the night, when your movements are more still, the baby will wake up and throw a little party.

It will probably still be a few weeks before your partner can feel the baby kick; to make sure they don’t feel left out, communicate and share your excitement whenever you feel the baby moving. And keep trying to put their hands on your belly – suddenly they might feel the movements.

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