Follow your pregnancy week by week

Follow your pregnancy week by week

Do you want to know more about what to expect when you’re expecting? Well, look no further! Welcome to our week-by-week pregnancy calendar, where you can follow your baby’s development and the changes in your body every week of your pregnancy.


Are you pregnant? Congratulations!

We can’t wait to accompany you on the wild, exciting ride that is parenthood!

Learn more about your pregnancy symptoms, developments in your body during your pregnancy, and tips on how to prepare for maternity leave, labor and birth, as you reach the third trimester.



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  • Tips on how to prepare for maternity leave, labor and birth
  • Ideas for baby names, baby shower gifts, how to make a DIY diaper cake and much more

And once your baby is here, join our Bambo Nature community for knowledge sharing, tips and tricks for parenting, fun activities and of course, our gentle and effective Bambo Nature baby products made with the ultimate comfort of your baby in mind.


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