Making room for your baby swag

Making room for your baby swag

You can squeeze diapers, onesies, toys, and much more into even the smallest baby bedrooms if you know how to make the most of your space. Here are our top crib tips for making room for all your baby swag.

Go high - Add high shelves around the room and organise clothes and accessories in labelled boxes or baskets to keep the floor and work surfaces clear.

Wall-mounted changing table – Most wall-mounted changing tables have built-in pockets or shelves for your diaper changing essentials and can be locked away to free up space, whether your changing table is in your baby bedroom or the bathroom.

Multi-purpose furniture – Look for a combined crib and changing table unit with floor-level storage and drawers to make use of the space under the crib. (Alternatively, you can use bed rollers.)

Room divider – A room divider at the foot end of the crib (or your bed, if you’re planning to have the crib in your bedroom) gives you extra storage and the option of adding extra zones or functions to a room.

Reduce – Consider what you must have, and what would be nice to have for your baby. Things you may not necessarily need in baby’s room include laundry baskets, diaper waste basket, excessive amounts of toys, stroller, etc. Instead, include items your baby needs for bedtime or nap routines and diaper changes, including clothes and care products, and maybe a few toys.

Reuse & recycle - A vital trick to staying organised in a small space is to avoid accumulating things you don’t need. Before you buy new gadgets, toys, or clothes for your baby, consider if something you already have can work instead. Be creative! And then give away, sell, or recycle things as your baby outgrows them.

Vertical storage – Shoe racks – open or closed - can be a great alternative to cabinets or chest of drawers. You can display books on open racks, and store toys, diapers, and clothes in closed units. You can use door-hanging organisers inside closet doors to make the most of your closet space.

Wish list to gift-givers – When you’re expecting a baby, so many happy gift givers will want to welcome your new heir with gifts. Let potential gift givers know that you need to keep things simple to keep your sanity! And if they want simple gift ideas, maybe they can contribute to a savings account for your child, offer to bring a meal instead (and take out the dirty diapers as they leave), or hold off on the gift-giving until your baby is a little older.

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