How to make Bubble Bath Play Dough

How to make Bubble Bath Play Dough

This unbelievably easy craft makes bath time and water play super fun for kids of all ages! It’s completely skin-safe and only requires a few simple ingredients to provide you and your child with hours of fun.

Getting your child to sit still long enough to wash their hair (and maybe even comb it as well) can be a struggle like no other; The easiest way to get around bath time tantrums is to make bath time enjoyable and fun and keep the kids occupied with toys and activities! 

This bubble bath playdough recipe gives you super soft, skin-safe, and water-soluble playdough for insanely easy and fun bath-time entertainment. When it’s placed in water, the dough becomes super soft, squishy, and elastic, and the liquid soap in the dough makes soap bubbles.


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DIY Bubble Bath Playdough

 To make this playdough you’ll need:

Perfume-free liquid soap (Like our Bambo Nature Hair & Body wash
Baby oil (like our Bambo Nature Baby Oil)
Food coloring 
Potato starch or cornstarch

Here’s how to do it: 

Mix 5 tablespoons of liquid soap and 3 tablespoons of baby oil in a bowl.



Add your food coloring of choice. We recommend starting with a drop or two. You can continue until you’re happy with the color; just remember that the dough will dissolve in your child’s bathwater, so maybe don’t be overly generous with the coloring. If you want to keep the water as clean as possible, you can skip the coloring altogether and just keep the dough white.


Add potato starch until the mixture is so thick you can’t stir it anymore.



Repeat steps 1-3 with any other colors you might want to make.


Finally, you’ll need to knead more potato starch into the dough by hand on a tabletop until it’s firm, even, and doesn’t stick.


When the time comes for your child to use the dough in the bath, start by breaking off a smaller piece of the dough. Once the playdough touches water, it starts to slowly dissolve, and you won’t be able to save it for later. 

If you store the remaining dough in an airtight container or bag, you can save it for weeks! Since it’s made using starch, it can become quite dry, but when the dough is placed in water, it will regain its elasticity.


Psst...! You can also use the playdough outside in the kiddie pool for hours of easy summer entertainment!


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