Conquer all obstacles with our baby diaper pants

Jan 05, 2023

NEW Amazing stretch and flexible fit all-around

Bambo Nature introduces: Our most flexible and soft baby diaper pants ever! As always, designed with premium protection and high comfort in mind.

Feel free to play and explore

Our new baby diaper pants are developed especially for active and wriggling babies and toddlers beginning to crawl, walk and explore the world. They are made to support children in their daily adventures, disturbing them as little as possible.

The amazing stretchy materials and silky-soft spunbond fabric allows the skin to breathe and gives an extremely comfortable feeling and as well as a snug fit for all unique body shapes.

Get ready for adventures

Our new baby diaper pant is ergonomically designed with a flexible fit all-around for a soft and secure experience. They are easy to pull up and down and perfect for smooth changes, even when your little one is lying down. Now that’s what we call a win-win and it will make life so much easier for you and your little adventurer.

Ideal for potty-training

The diaper pants are ideal for the potty-training phase, as your toddler can pull the diaper up and down like they are wearing real underwear. It gives them a greater sense of freedom and pride and can boost your toddler’s self-assurance when practicing the big-kid transition without parents.

Breathable means loveable

The amazing stretchy materials and silky-soft spunbond fabric allows the skin to breathe. That means a natural and comfortable feeling for your baby at all times. The skin stays dry and well protected in the diaper pants while crawling, climbing, walking and jumping. A snug fit and dry skin is key to your baby’s happiness.

Easy to wear – Easy to dispose

The diaper pants aren’t just easy for your child, they’re easy for you too! When the time comes to dispose of the used diaper pants, just rip the side panels apart to easily remove the used diaper without leakages and use the tape flap on the back to roll and secure the diaper before disposal.



Certified protection 

We work with the strictest certification agencies in the world to offer you premium care for you and your child. Our diaper pants are dermatologically tested, eco-labeled and hold some of the world’s most trustworthy certifications, such as Asthma Allergy Nordic, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council). Read more here.