NEW recyclable paper diaper packaging

Sep 02, 2022

Take a step towards a more sustainable tomorrow. We want to introduce you to our new responsibly sourced FSC™-certified paper diaper packaging.

Recycle the packaging with your normal household paper waste 

With our new recyclable paper packaging on the outside, and our eco-labeled diapers on the inside, we are taking even more steps towards a more sustainable tomorrow. 
The packaging is made from Scandinavian FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper and certified according to industry standards; This means that the packaging can be recycled with normal household paper waste, making it even easier for our consumers to be more sustainable.

Sounds good right? We think so too. Read more about the packaging here. 

By choosing this paper packaging, you actively contribute to optimizing the use of natural resources, and that’s good for everyone. Inside, you will find the same high-quality diapers with premium protection that you know and love.

  • Convenient wetness indicator for easy changes
  • Ultra-absorbing core keeps your baby dry
  • Breathable, to minimize the risk of diaper rash
  • Double leakage barriers for a secure fit
  • Skin-friendly diapers in responsibly sourced FSC-certified paper packaging