Loved by Babies - Approved by Parents

You can do lots of things to try to please parents by promising to help them in different ways. But at the end of the day, the only thing that really makes it a good day, is if the baby had a blast.

The simple truth is this: when babies are happy, parents are happy.

For 40 years, Bambo Nature has produced baby diapers with great love and care in Denmark. We embrace:

  • responsible and safe raw materials
  • chemical- and perfume-free products
  • trustworthy eco-labels and certifications that prove our commitment to healthy, natural baby skin.  

Speaking of nature, it’s deeply rooted in ours to be transparent and honest. Not only when it comes to our products, but also in the way we communicate. That means no added nonsense. No artificial surprises. No TV Shop glamour and smug praise. 

Luckily, we don’t need it here at Bambo Nature. We already have more than we could ever wish for in our world class ratings from parents across the globe.  

And we all know what that means:  

The babies must love us too. 

Approved by Parents

Do you know what makes us jump with joy? Our glowing reviews by real parents from all over the world! Because we know what that means: the babies must love us too, and that's the most important thing. Read our reviews from real parents here:


United Kingdom

The Netherlands

Award-winning baby products

Did you know that many of our awards are voted on and decided by real parents? That's right! And that only makes us prouder ever time we receive a new award. Read more about our awards and which products have been honored here.

Carefully selected ingredients

Our products are designed specifically for children’s delicate skin. We only use carefully selected and approved ingredients and materials that are gentle on the skin to minimize the risk of skin irritation and to keep your child’s skin soft, dry, and healthy.

Continuously improving

We always strive to do better tomorrow than we did today. Therefore, we continuously test and innovate our products and production methods to make sure that our diapers and skin care products are among the best and safest on the market.