Pregnancy week by week: Week 17

Expecting Parents
Jan 28, 2023

In week 17, your baby is very active, and their unique fingerprints are already forming. You might start to feel some balance issues as you start getting bigger; your body’s center of gravity shifts as the baby grows.

Unique fingerprints

By week 17 of your pregnancy, your baby’s fingertips have flattened, and already, their unique fingerprints are forming. This period is generally a very active period for your baby; it’s kicking, pushing, turning and generally using all those new muscles as much as possible.

By the end of week 17 of your pregnancy, your baby measures 14 centimeters, which is around the size of a soda can, and weighs 220 grams.

Get the balance right

As you get larger during your pregnancy, you might start to notice some balance issues. If you feel a bit clumsier than usual, there’s actually a good reason. Your entire center of gravity – the balance point in your body – shifts forward during pregnancy, as your uterus and the baby grows.

This change in your center of gravity can make you feel uneasy on your feet. Mixed with the hormone relaxin, which makes your joints relax and become more prone to injuries, this can be a dangerous cocktail during an accidental fall.

But all hope is not lost; there are some exercises and sports that can help you strengthen your core and balance. Pelvic tilts and the plank are good exercises for core strength, and swimming is also a great way to strengthen your entire body and core (with the added bonus of weightlessness in the water).

Yoga can also help you find your balance and it can help you adjust your posture for pregnancy. Sign up for a prenatal yoga class, and get exercises tailored to pregnancy.


Bambo Nature Pregnancy Calendar Week 17 Take a nap

Take a nap!

Do you want to know one of the best things about pregnancy? You can take a nap without feeling bad about it!

It’s not a myth that you get tired during pregnancy; you’re growing a new little human being with all that it entails. Your hormones are raging, your heart is pumping up to 50% more blood through your body and you are eating and giving nutrients for two.

No wonder you’re tired! It will also be a lot harder to get some of that needed rest once the baby is born, so take the opportunity now for some self-care and get in some zzz’s.



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